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J Group of Companies

Inaugurated in 2023, distinguishes itself as a distinctive business entity characterized by an alliance of specialized companies operating within a unified framework. Conceived by the astute leadership of Rafi Alam and Obydul Jony, this organizational paradigm underscores a strategic vision aimed at fostering collaboration and operational synergy among the conglomerate's constituent entities. The integrated structure is meticulously designed to capitalize on the collective strengths of each company, thereby promoting innovation, efficiency, and a harmonized business ecosystem under the auspices of J Group.

Our Mission

At J Group, we aim for equal growth among all our businesses to nurture a culture of performance and innovation. Our goal goes beyond profits – we work to make a positive impact on society.

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Our Visionaries

Welcome to our diverse ecosystem of companies, where innovation meets purpose. As a group, we envision a future where each entity engages to redefine industry standards, enable sustainability, and create lasting impact.

In our visionary pursuit, we are committed to not just business excellence but also social responsibility. We strive to uplift communities, champion environmental stewardship, and prioritize employee wellbeing. Together, we aim to build a harmonious and sustainable world, for both economic prosperity and social welfare. We dream of shaping a future that cares for people and the planet alike.

Join us on this transformative journey towards a brighter, interconnected tomorrow.

Our Concerns

Explore Our Diverse Business Ventures

J Alliance is a visionary initiative dedicated to fostering global collaboration and innovation for the betterment of people and humanity. Established in 2023.

Imoto has been serving since 2019. We’re passionate about cars, but even more passionate about the people who drive them.

J Experience initiated in 2023. With a vision to be a global leader in innovative content, and events, setting new standards for excellence in cultural adaptation and experiential gatherings.


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Team Members

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Rafi Alam

President and Advisor


Obydul Jony

Chairman and Founder


Md. Tangil Akram Khan

Managing Director


Md. Nafis Fuad

Chief Executive Director

Our Business Partners

We believe partnerships play a pivotal role in fostering business growth and success. Collaborating with other businesses allows for a strategic exchange of resources, expertise, and networks. This synergy not only enhances operational efficiency but also opens avenues for shared innovation and cost optimization. Additionally, business partnerships provide access to new markets and customer bases, creating mutually beneficial opportunities for sustainable expansion.

Strategic Partner

Collaborative Partners

TourBuzz Travel Services Ltd. provides 360-degree travel services in Bangladesh. The company stands for its slogan “Exploring Happiness”.Our Prior objective is to provide a hassle-free & meaningful travel experience in inbound and outbound areas.

Maximus BD is a consultation Provider of Study Abroad and Immigration Services for selective countries. This company is known to provide travel support inside and outside of Bangladesh with hassle-free Airport experience, Air Tickets, Travel Visas, Hotel Reservations, and customized corporate Tour packages.  

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