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J trade Hub

J Trade Hub is a rising import and export company based in Bangladesh, dedicated to facilitating trade between Bangladesh and the international market. We are passionate about connecting global consumers with the unique products and potential of Bangladesh, while also bringing in high-quality goods that cater to local needs.

Our Mission

To serve as a bridge between Bangladeshi businesses and international markets, promoting the export of quality Bangladeshi products and facilitating the import of goods that meet local market demands.

To advocate for and support Bangladeshi businesses in the global marketplace, enabling them to compete effectively and achieve sustainable growth.

To contribute to the economic development of Bangladesh by fostering international trade and promoting the country's diverse products and industries.

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J trade Hub

Our Services

  • Importation: We source and import a wide range of products based on market research and analysis, ensuring quality, competitive pricing, and timely delivery for our clients.
  • Exportation: We identify and curate high-quality Bangladeshi products, showcasing them to international buyers through various channels, including trade fairs, exhibitions, and direct sales partnerships.
  • Market Research and Analysis: We stay abreast of global market trends and local demands, providing valuable insights to both Bangladeshi businesses and international buyers.
  • Logistics and Support: We offer comprehensive logistical support, ensuring smooth import and export operations for our clients.
  • Relationship Building: We foster strong relationships with our clients and partners, providing guidance and support throughout the import and export process.

Our Impact

J Trade plays a vital role in:

  • Expanding the reach of Bangladeshi businesses and introducing their products to a global audience.
  • Promoting the quality and diversity of Bangladeshi products in the international market.
  • Contributing to the economic growth and development of Bangladesh through increased trade and exports.
  • Building strong relationships and fostering collaboration between Bangladeshi businesses and international partners.


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